Broken Sword I & II
Omslag Allmänt
Plattform: Windows
Genre: Äventyr
Utgivare: Sold Out Software
Språk: English
Serie: Broken Sword
Index: 272
Media: DVD
Antal: 1

Innehåller de första två spelen i Broken Sword serien.

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars.
puts players in the role of the vacationing American George Stobbart, who finds himself at the center of a mystery after surviving a bomb blast outside a Parisian café. With screens designed by the renowned Don Bluth Studios, this animated film-like adventure features a soundtrack by composer Barrington Pheloung, who produced the music for the feature film Nostradamus, and a capable cast of voice actors engaging in humorous and smart dialogue.

Utilizing a "smart-cursor" click-and-point interface, players collect objects and inventory items, deal with dozens of NPCs (friendly and antagonistic), search out clues and hints, accumulate phone numbers and conduct interviews as they try to unravel the plot involving a sinister manuscript associated with the medieval Knights Templar. In true Indiana Jones style, George's adventure will take him to the sewers of Paris, museums, exotic ruins and more as he becomes embroiled in a quest to save the world from megalomaniacs who want to use the manuscript for nefarious purposes.

Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror.
continues the series with new locations and the option to play as either character, George or his girlfriend, the investigative reporter Nico, both of whom were introduced in the original game. A new cast of characters with an in-depth story line that will take you all over the globe in pursuit of the criminal mastermind Karzac and his evil crime cartel complements the action.

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror is an animated adventure that includes detailed sprites, original script writing and a 3D rendered environment. The game contains three hours of original music with more than 300 musical cues, various puzzles to solve, clues to find and the Mayan god, Tezcatlipoca, who is based on historical fact.