Son av ljus och mörker - Guy Gavriel Kay (1990)
ISBN 9129591902
Genre Fantasy
Förlag Rabén & Sjögren
Tryckt år 1990
Format Inbunden (230 x 150 mm)
Land Sverige
Språk Svenska
Översättning Rebecca Alsberg
Omslag Martin Springett
Concluding "The Fionavar Tapestry", this book carries the heroes from our world to the final battle for Fionavar against the evil of Rakoth Maugrim. On a ghost-ship the legendary warrior, Arthur Pendragon, and Pwyll Twiceborn, Lord of the Summer Tree, sail to confront the Unraveller.

The young heroes from our own world have gained power and maturity from their sufferings and adventures in Fionavar. Now they must bring all the strength and wisdom they possess to the aid of the armies of Light in the ultimate battle against the evil of Rakoth Maugrim and the hordes of the Dark.
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Collection Status In Collection
Index 743
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Product Details
Serie Fionavars vävnad
Tryckt av Grafo Tryck AB
Antal sidor 421
Orginaltitel The Darkest Road
Original Subtitle The Fionavar Tapestry Book Three
Orginalspråk Engelska
Original Publication Year 1986
Del 3 av 3 i serien Fionavars vävnad

Första svenska uppl. 1990