Emperor - Rise of the Middle Kingdom (2002)
Omslag Allmänt
Plattform: Windows
Genre: Simulation; Strategy
Utgivare: Sierra
Utvecklare: Breakaway Games
Språk: English
Utgiven: 2002
Uppdateringar: Patchsida
Index: 54
Skydd: SecuRom
Media: CD-Rom
Antal: 1

Emperor: The Rise of the Middle Kingdom is a game about politics, trade, and city design in ancient China. In Emperor, players progress through 3000 years of Chinese history, facing ever-changing economic, military, and diplomatic challenges as each Chinese dynasty waxes and wanes.

This game is similar to Caesar III or Pharaoh and is the forth full game in Impressions City Building Serie:. Gameplay is centered around laying out a city in the best possible manner. For instance, all houses will need access to a market and a water source but also to entertainment and religious structures as well. The game begins easily and walks you through all the needs of a city. Later scenarios add requirements such as building a large structure or defending the city against an attack.

Unlike other games in the city building Serie:, Emperor adds multiplayer play and an engine that supports more detailed graphics.