Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (2004)
Omslag Allmänt
Plattform: Windows
Genre: Action
Utgivare: Electronic Arts
Språk: English
Utgiven: 2004
Serie: Medal of Honor
Index: 263
Media: DVD
Antal: 1

Pacific Assault returns Medal of Honor fans and first-person shooter enthusiasts to the Great War, for a tour of duty in the Pacific Theatre. Players take the role of a Marine named Conlin, who survives the attack on Pearl Harbor and embarks on a series of increasingly difficult missions that lead him through the jungles of Guadalcanal, and ultimately, to a final stand in at the battle at Tarawa. Artificial Intelligence has been revamped from earlier releases in the series, and squad tactics are designed to be more powerful and prevalent. Online multiplayer features are also supported, with new game modes and "Punkbuster" anti-cheating technology. Like earlier Medal of Honor games, Pacific Assault is designed to present a historically accurate re-creation of the experiences of a young World War II soldier, using elements of sight, sound, and story.