NHL Championship 2000 (1999)
Omslag Allmänt
Plattform: Windows 95, 98
Genre: Sports
Utgivare: Fox Sports Interactive, Inc.
Utvecklare: Radical Entertainment
Språk: Svenska
Utgiven: 1999
Index: 144
Media: CD-Rom
Devices Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
Antal: 1
Straight from your TV set to your PC comes Fox Sports Interactive's NHL Championship 2000. Choose from all 28 NHL teams -- including the expansion Atlanta Thrashers -- and get on the ice with real players in real arenas. There's even an option to choose which jersey (away, home, or a third choice) you want your club to wear, and the team select screen lets you know when two teams have a rivalry going between them, which means that you can expect more intense action when they go at it. You can also choose from two NHL all-star teams and 16 international clubs.

You'll hear all the action called by real life Fox Sports announcers Kenny Albert and John Davidson from the moment the teams take the ice to the final seconds of the third period. Plenty of controls are at your fingertips, from the ability to drop a pass to a teammate trailing behind you to devastating body checks to skating backwards. If two players get into a brawl, you can control the action of the one on your team and make him throw the punches. Just be aware that penalties can and will be called.

Depending on your level of hockey expertise, you can let the CPU handle the coaching for you or take control of it yourself. You can pick the strategies for your team and decide when to switch out the lines currently on the ice. If you decide to play an entire season you can play general manager as well, making trades with other teams as well as creating new players and editing the current ones. If your lines aren't performing up to par, you can tweak them as well. As the season progresses you can also view a wealth of league statistics as your team undertakes the march to the Stanley Cup.

During the game there are also plenty of little details which can help you play better. Turning on the passing arrows and passing targets will help you pass the puck around with more ease since you'll know who's open and who will receive the puck if you press the pass button. Fox Sports' Fox Trax technology is also available, which allows you to add a cool blue streak to passes and a hot red one to shots. Depending on the strength of your PC, you can add more detail to the player, ice and stadium detail or take it away.

There are six camera options to choose from as well as instant replays which are viewable at any time during the game. You can also play with various rules such as icing and two-line passes on or off, choose the strictness of the referee, decide on one of three difficulty levels to play at, and set the periods to 5, 10 or 20 minutes each. If you have a photo of yourself and want to really get into the game, you can create a new player and paste yourself on his face.