Kohan - Immortal Sovereigns (2001)
Omslag Allmänt
Plattform: Windows
Genre: Strategy
Utgivare: Strategy First, Inc.
Utvecklare: TimeGate Studios
Språk: English
Utgiven: 2001
Index: 108
Media: CD-Rom
Devices Keyboard, Mouse
Antal: 1
Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns is a real-time strategy game set in a fantasy world where you take on the role of an immortal known as the Kohan. Your race once ruled the world, but was devastated in a Serie: of massive cataclysms. As an immortal you have reawakened to a new world, unlike the one you once knew. Now you must come to grips with your past glory, your present hardship, and your future destiny. If you are to return your race to their rightful glory you must solve the mystery of their destruction.